VIDEO: Free SHS Students ‘high’ on Tramadol show their Tw.erking skills

Free SHS Students 'high' on Tramadol show their Tw.erking skills has sighted a video of some Senior High School students exhibiting their tw.erking skills.

In the video, the students could be seen ‘high’ on Tramadol or hard drug as they danced vigorously at a gathering which seems to be the school’s entertainment show.

Some of the female students could be seen sm00ching themselves and in another part of the video, some of the female students were involved in a ‘tw.erking’ competition.

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The students enjoyed themselves with a hot tune playing at the background and from the look of things they seemed to be so high as they danced vigorously and exhibited their dancing prowess.

The tw.erking moves exhibited by the female students caught the attention of Netizens as they reacted to the video with varied opinions.

Watch the video below:

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  1. Instead of these school girls to take their books they have rather turn it vice verse, latter their would blame the Ghanaian Government for the failure.

  2. this shs double track issue has lead Ghana into poverty now so is better the government change this policy now or in the next year manifesto

  3. this should not be a political bais since it happens in every school even before the introduction on this so called free shs….the policy implemented has nothing to do with this.the heads of administration only has to supervise these kids during events like this since they are always on their on at crucial times like this

  4. Comment: don’t make this political. Islamic shs girl danced to one corner and were no tag with politics. even if they pay for their education, they would still do the same… school was not free in 2008 but some of us here were clubbing.. make we think.!

    • Comment: free education has no music and dance in their syllabus.. it might be bad for u but it has had some good impact on some people. we cannot be the same so far as we are from different walks of life

    • Ah…. why should you look at this and just take your decision….have you seen the good and innocent ones too…. besides is just a movie not real, didn’t you see that written on top and of the video….


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