Baby mama of Funny Face in the person of Ama Vanessa has finally revealed why she visited Funny Face at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital to make peace with him.

Recall that earlier yesterday reported that Funny Face and Vanessa have for another reason reunite again.

Speaking for the first time after she visited her baby daddy, Vanessa said she never planned to do what the media saw but the interference of Kwaku Manu made her do so.

During an interview with Angel FM monitored by, he told Kofi Adoma that she accepted to follow Kwaku Manu to Accra to visit Funny Face because she still loves and cares for him and believes that their children have served as the bond between them.

According to her, she wasn’t too comfortable and convinced when visiting the comic actor but after watching him speak for two or three minutes, she concluded that he has remorseful hence her decision.

She also spoke at length about how Funny Face has treated her through their relationship because of the love he supposedly has for her ad how she has come o understand that there is some great connection between them because of their three kids.



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