Outspoken Ghanaian blogger Chris Vincent has descended heavily on actor Prince David Osei over his comment on Nana Aba Anamoah-Frema juju brouhaha.

According to the founding editor of ghanacelebrities.com, Prince David Osei is an ignorant and broke-ass actor who begs people for money to fend for himself.

The rift between the pair erupted after the actor in reacting to Frema Adunyame claim to sue Chris Vincent and other blogs that reported that she took her colleague Nana Aba Anamoah to ‘juju’ 8 years ago disclosed that bloggers peddle falsehood and it’s high time celebrities took legal action against them.

Prince David Osei wrote:

“Any blogger wakes up, writes whatever they like or hear about celebrities without proper scrutiny to authenticate the veracity of the story. Time to start using their ass”.

Chris Vincent who got angered by the actor’s comment descended heavily on him as he made several allegations against him.

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He described Prince David Osei as an “ignorant roadside unemployed pillock” claiming to be a celebrity.

Chris-Vincent further asked Prince David Osei to pay the debts he owes instead of running his mouth on social media.

“Prince David Osei—go and pay the 500 Cedis you borrowed from Aplus a few days ago and the others! And stop lying that his wife has done this and that! Broke Celebrities! Common 70 pounds you had to borrow! Ah!” he jabbed

He further made several allegations against the actor with proof to substantiate his claims.

Read his full post below:

“Prince David Osei,

You say you are a movie star, tell us the last time you had a movie role and how much you were paid? You are broke—and you have always been broke.

You borrow money from Aplus and you have been harassing a very respectful man in Ghana for money. I don’t want to mention his name.

In 2012, when the annual Cannes film festival was approaching, you contacted me through Fred Nuamah and you said you tried to buy a plane ticket from London to Nice (Cannes) but your bank card wouldn’t work. So I should buy it for you and then when you get here you will give me the money as you will use the airport near me. Because of Fred, I purchased the ticket for you.

When you got here and I asked about the money, just 184 pounds, you said you had only 90 pounds on you, and you were expecting some cash so you will pay me on your return from Cannes.

Did you pay the remaining balance? No! You couldn’t pay!

Grown up man, instead of going to find a job to do, you spend your time commenting on Instagram for which you are not paid for it! And sadly end up begging people for money.

Do me a favour broke celebrities—always begging for money.

Get a real job and stop borrowing money!

I am done helping your broke self! I still have the plane ticket in my inbox (attached).

Keep living your lie on the internet, claiming big boy and celebrity while hungry. I see you people and smile—don’t try to bullshit someone who knows you in and out wai.

Goodnight! I am done with this. These days, I try to mind my business but don’t take that to mean it’s not the same old Chris-Vincent!

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