The Lord Has Revealed To Me In A Dream That One Popular Nigerian Musician Will Die - 'Prophet'  Captain Planet Discloses
Captain Planet

Popular Ghanaian rapper, Captain Planet of 4×4 fame has disclosed that the Lord has given him a terrible dream which concerns a music icon in Nigeria.

According to him on his social media handles, a popular Nigerian musician which he refused to make his or her name known will die as a result of food poisoning.

The ‘Very Good Bad Guy’ asked all music loving fans to pray and cancel the dream from happening because it will be a big blow to Nigeria and the rest of the world if the said musician demises.

Below is his post on Twitter;

 “I had a dream that one big musician from naija died (was poisoned) and the whole world was shocked. Pray for all of us. Just a dream tho but it should be taking serious so everybody stay prayed up 🙏🙏🙏 .

Almighty Protect Us From The Wicked AMEN”

captain planet



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