Going to church is boring – Sister Derby

Going to church is boring - Sister Derby
Sister Derby

Conventional Ghanaian singer cum model, Sister Derby has claimed that attending church looks boring to her.

According to her, praying over one issue several times in church makes everything about church soo boring for her.

During an exclusive interview with Nkonkosa, Sister Derby said she’s one person who dislikes imitating someone because she’s a full-grown woman and knows what’s good or bad for her.

Sister Derby added that she tries to live a good life and avoid getting herself into trouble and also doesn’t live everything to God.

She however added that whatever she does she put it into work and doesn’t let God do it for her as many Christians do as she believes that good things will come her way.

The singer however noted that she does not call herself Christian and does not need the church because she’s just like Christians who walk and tag themselves to be righteous people.

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