Gospel musician evangelist Diana Asamoah labels drunkards as senseless people


Veteran Gospel musician Evangelist Diana Asamoah has labeled people who drink alcohol referring to them as people without sense.

According to the powerful gospel musician, her description of the drunkard as senseless people is not her words but the Bible categorically describes people who consistently drink alcohol in the book of Ephesians 5:18 as senseless people hence she decided to describe them as such.

In a video, Diana Asamoah was asked by celebrity blogger Zionfelix during the launch of the Kumasi edition of the Abba Father Concert, 2019 what the bible has to say about the drinking of alcohol.

She explained that people at every point in time have the fear of going on board a car that is being steered by a drunk driver because they believe that it is not safe and as such questioned why these same people will have no problem drinking the alcohol and stating that it is good.

There have been people stating that they only drink a little and as such do not get drunk, which they say can be found in the bible but Evangelist Diana Asamoah made the point that everything has a beginning.

She added that nobody starts schooling from the JHS but it is a gradual process that begins from the kindergarten or creche. And as such people who always throw this cliche around may become proper drunks very soon.

Watch video below…



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