Information privy to has it that government have reduced the cost of tax which was recently placed on communication forums due to the impact of COVID-19.

According to the minister of finance Ken Ofori Atta who presented the mid-year budget review, the CST has been reduced from 9% to 5%. Speaking into details, he said this;

” In the short term, we will reduce the CST from 9% to 5% to reduce the cost of communication services to the consumer as more and more people work remotely and utilize online services.”

More so, with authority, he ordered all the communication companies in Ghana to adhere to the new policy issued by the government in order to help reduce the load on the shoulders of Ghanaians.

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“We will count on the Telcos to match this reduction in the CST by reducing their tariffs. This is important for our youth, entrepreneurs, and the burgeoning FINTEC industry.” He stated

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