An unknown gym instructor has been sighted on camera doing the unthinkable to a married woman at a gym.

Steps and deeds of gym instructors have currently attracted the attention of Ghanaians following the death of Little who died in Tantra Hills in Accra for sleeping with a married woman.

When we thought their doings have been brought to light and so they will desist from certain things, a latest video making way on social media has raised many eyebrows and concerns.

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In the video, the gym instructor is seen taking a beautiful lady the rudiment of a training session.

From what is seen in the video, the training the gym instructor is taking the lady through is indescribable.

Watch the video below to know more;

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  1. i really dont find anything wrong with the stretches. i also sprained my lower back and i was made to do similar “lower back stretches”. if its the instructors we have issues with and we will feel they are being inappropriate, then you channel your concerns towards that..

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