He Makes Me Come Twice In 3 Minutes But He Is A Thief And I Like Him – Lady Says


It looks like young people don’t care about character and morals any more and all they care about is finding a guy who is Rambo and hulk on the couch.

They no longer consider personal life and integrity as long as the guy knows how to shag very well and this lady with the name @OFFylia is no different as she shared a post narrating how she met a guy who was trying to steal her purse and took him to her house to him food and after they made love.

Read her full post below;

Initially it was said that guys love the honey pot more but in recent times this ladies continue to show how well they love a stong big cucumber and how addicted they are and don’t care who carries it.

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  1. You know very well that the tweet was sarcastic, but here you are gathering clicks and likes with it while feeling like some sort of moral crusader. Smh.

  2. Hey sweetheart I might not know you but it hurts allot you are in this mess.u are my concerns but I love you to try and ask God to help you and lead you right.u are truely precious mwwwuuuaaaa kiss you

  3. So you no see better me way dey single no girl friend and will love only you.a guy who is scared anyone but not everyone who does what he do is evil is just that sometimes things go wrong and 1 losses his way.sweetheart you are playing a dangerous game with your beautiful precious life . embrace God and please be careful please you are awesome beautiful gorgeous elegant exceptional and perfect.mwuuahh


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