I don’t know if this statement is true but a man has made a very controversial statement that people find it hard to believe.

According to the man, men are naturally designed by God to cheat and have variety to have options and not to be stuck with one woman.

He said ladies should understand the male psychology and no matter how much a man love his wife it doesn’t stop him from cheating because they get tired of shape, size, texture, of the puna over and over for years.

Read his post below.

Ladies need to understand male psychology..
We are not designed to be stuck with one puna for the rest of our lives.. Hell No
We are designed to have variety
To have Options
No matter how much you love your wife
It doesn’t stop a man from cheating..
We get tired and bored of the same shape,size,texture of puna over and over for years..
That’s why we want to taste something different and new to spice up, clean mouth and move on..
Ladies should accept this bitter truth
Or else you will forever suffer in agony as to why he cheated on you.
You can give him all the sex in the world but he will still taste another pussy as men we love variety, we love options..
This doesn’t mean we don’t love you
We are just bored of hearing the same
Moaning, the same touch, the same feel, the same smell. It gets too boring
So ladies need to understand us men when we cheat it doesn’t mean we don’t love you. We do but we also love variety..
Accept this truth or forever remain in pains and heartbreaks from your husband..
Men will always cheat, it’s our nature.
God created us like that, and everything God created was Good To His Eyes.

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