Husband abandons wife after she gives birth to triplets


Nigerian husband left his wife stranded after he discovered that she has given birth to triplets.

The woman identified as Queen Udekwe is, therefore, appealing to the Nigerian government and other benevolent people to come to her aid.

Detailing her painful ordeal, she said;

“My husband abandoned me at the hospital immediately he heard that I had given birth to triplets on April 26, 2016.

“I already had a set of twins before giving birth to triplets, which I saw as a thing of joy and God’s blessing until my husband absconded.

I am presently finding it extremely difficult to feed the babies not to mention clothing them. I used to hawk cooked food with a wheelbarrow and my husband rides a tricycle but ever since I gave birth, I could not continue.”

The couple have been married for six years and have 5 children now inclusive of the triplets.

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