A 30-year-old man who is in a 2 years relationship with a 28-year old lady is seeking for in order to keep his lady before she breaks up with him.

According to him, they will be getting married very soon and they promised not to have sex until they are married but they were not able to keep that promise.

He said, two years of their relationship, they have only had sex four times and anytime they do he is not able to satisfy her very well because he always ejaculates and releases within the shortest possible time.

The young man is asking if there is any medicine that can help solve his problem because he doesn’t want to lose his future wife.

Read the man’s full post below:


Auntie Abena, I have a serious issue in my relationship.

I am a young man who will be 30yrs next year. I met a lady who is also 28yrs and she’s not only good for me but perfectly matched my choice.

Although I kept on proposing to her for about a year before she accepted my proposal, we have now been dating for 2yrs of which everything is working good and perfectly. We promised ourselves not to have any intimacy before marriage but we were not able to fulfill that promise.

Now, my problem is that, for the 2yrs we started dating, we had sexual intercourse for 4 times. She equally doesn’t like sex like I do but the problem is, anytime we have intercourse, I am not able to satisfy her properly.

Within the shortest possible time, I’ll ejaculate and release into her. Just a boring one which will make our night very very unproductive.

After our 4th time of meeting, my lady was very unhappy and she told me she didn’t feel anything and also, she knows what to do. Although that was my first time wearing condom for sex and myself too, I didn’t feel anything.

Auntie Abena, I love my lady and she loves me too. I don’t want to lose her because, she’s all I have. If there’s any medicine for this, pls help me out. Also, I know there are more medical practitioners on your page and I will be reading all their recommendations if they have any.
Please help me because I don’t want to lose my dear lady.
Thank you.”


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