I don’t think castro is dead, he comes from the coastal area and knows how to swim – Mr Logic


They say, the truth is the truth, even if no one believes it. A lie is a lie, even if everyone believes it.

It is based on the above cliché artiste manager and showbiz enthusiast Emmanuel Barnes popularly known as Mr. Logic has categorically stated that missing Ghanaian musician Castro is still alive despite claims by majority of the population that he’s dead.

Castro and Janet Bandu went on a jet skiing on the Ada River somewhere in 2014 but they allegedly drowned and have not been found till date

Contributing to discussions on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz 103.9FM with renowned Ghanaian broadcaster Andy Dosty, Mr. Logic was emphatic that Theophiluis Tagoe known in showbiz circles as Castro is still alive.

“Andy, me I don’t believe Castro has kicked the bucket. Castro is not dead.” he observed

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He continued, ” Talking about giving up on him [Castro] is like I saw his body. Yeah, Castro comes from the the coastal area. He knows how to swim regardless of the depth of the river.

It’s just because there’s some situation among the whole issue. There is a dead girl that need to be answered (accounted for)”

Asked on what basis he believes Janet is no more because she reportedly drowned with Castro and the bodies of both haven’t been found, Mr Logic said, “The lady I am certain that she has joined her ancestors. I can say she’s dead”

Pushed further by the host to clarify his statement, he insisted saying, “Based on information we had Janet Bandu is no more among the living. It is alleged but I believe she’s dead. With how her family were angrily granting interviews and demanding for their daughter”

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Mr. Logic shockingly revealed that attempts by Asamoah Gyan and the family of Castro to rescue him were all lies.

“Talking of how they sent rescue team to go into the river are all format (strategy) to deceive the public because the guy [Castro] if he appeared they would say he had killed someone [Janet]. If he appears now he has to answer to the state. The girl’s family can take up the issue again and for me, Castro is alive.”

He wholly agrees to the proverb, time heals wounds, noting that that’s why Castro has not returned home yet.

” Sometimes when matter of such arises and it is so heated if you show up the way they will treat you is way different from when you keep yourself away for a while and wait for people to heal from the wounds of such pain then you appear,” he said

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He stated without mincing words that, Castro will one day appear and settle the family of Janet Bandu.

“Castro is alive” Mr. Logic maintained

He concluded that the circumstances surrounding Castro’s disappearance are mere stories.

It been five (5) years since the unfortunate incident happened and security operatives are still working effortlessly to find the bodies of Janet Bandu and Castro.

Per the laws of the land the two will officially be declared dead in 2021 if they are not found.

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