I found another marriage certificate in my husband's bag,he had another family-Lady sadly narrates

A lady identified as Emma has sadly narrated how she found another certificate in her husband’s bag after years of marriage.

According to Emma, she tied the knot with her husband in a wedding ceremony not knowing her marriage certificate was fake.

The lady further stated that after she gave birth to her firstborn girl after 4 years.

She added that she got pregnant again and her husband went to Dubai to look for green pasture.

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Emma disclosed that while her husband was in Dubai she married another woman.

The lady also revealed that when her husband came back after some months his daughter requested they go and buy something for her and he asked her to go get the money from his bag and that when she saw another marriage certificate in the bag.

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After she tried asking the man became very violet and he told her that he now has another family and they are legally married.

When the husband left she went to a lawyer to know why he had another marriage certificate as they had not divorced.

The lady found out that and the husband’s did another wedding in a foreign country which the serial gap is different from the one in Kenya.

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Emma said that after finding out she moved on with her wife.

She added that although her children sometimes ask her about their father but have now come to understand the reasons he is not with them anymore.

Emma says that she is 44years old a happy single mother and most of her free time she spends with her children.

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