I need new pair of b00bs as a birthday present in Jesus name – Tonto Dikeh


Nigerian actress Tonto Dikeh has placed a supplication to God. In her prayer, she expressed her hope that Jesus would help her get new b00bs.

Tonto Dikeh is certainly living life on her own terms. The mother of one who had cosmetic surgery last year in one of the episodes of her reality TV show with LITV, King Tonto,  revealed she is looking at having her b00bs done again.

Taking to Instagram, Tonto appealed to Jesus to assist her in getting her b00bs done by her cosmetic surgeon.

She wrote;

“Dear lord Jesus, I have all i want for now.. My birthday wish is that you make me schedule and that of Dr Ayo allign so i have my new boobs in jesus name i pray!! Thanks in addy Lord #KINGTONTO#KINGTONTOBIRTHDAYWISH#JUNE9TH,”

The actresses’ birthday is coming up next month and she’s already making preparations towards it.

Tonto Dikeh would probably enhance her ‘melons’ by the time June 9th, her birthday, comes around.

It’s interesting to see how the religious have reduced God to asking for boob jobs or wishing bad on one’s enemies. It makes the concept less and less appealing as the years go by.


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