I paid a surprise visit to mom and caught her cheating on my father – Confused lady


A confused lady is seeking public opinion on whether to report her mother to her father or pretend not to know anything about her alleged adulterous act.

The lady simply identified as Thabo, resorted to social media to solicit ideas on how to handle her conscience, after paying a surprise visit to her mother, only to find another man with her in her father’s home.

She claimed her parents have been married for the past 25 years, and her father who works in a place far from home hardly stays at home, so her mother seems to be taking undue advantage of his absence to be wayward.

Her confusion has to do with how her father who she claims loves her mother so much may die if she reveals the shameful incident to him since he has High Blood Pressure.

She is equally worried about how her father would be disappointed to realise later that she had been aware of the entire betrayal all along but failed to inform him about it.

Read her full twitter post below:

Source: Pulse.com.gh

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