Blessing Afia Atta is a 17-year-old girl, whom on SVTV Africa, has revealed she quit JH3 because of weed.

According to her, friends influenced her into it.

“My friends influenced me to smoke weed.

They brought weed to class without the knowledge of authorities.

They told me that when l smoke it, I can best memorize what l have learnt.” She narrated.

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She, however, disclosed that her male friend once saw her at a ghetto when smoking, and informed her grandmother and uncle.

“My uncle upon seeing this locked me home and instructed me not to go out; an action he believed could stop me from doing it.”

Adding that, her parents have divorced, but as couple, she is their first and only child.

Unfortunately, my parents are no more together.” She said.

Talking about her sex life she said;

“I broke my virginity after discovering weed, becoming so attached to my first boyfriend such that, on many occasions l had to even sleep at his end till the next morning”.

According to the teenager, her grandmother really loves her and will do anything she will ask her likewise the mother.

However, her mother after realizing she smokes, stopped giving her money for food.

“She thought doing that could stop me from the act but it didn’t work; so eventually she called me, and on several occasions, advised me to stop; adding that, she had been through all but didn’t end well with her, hence begged me to stop” She said.