A young guy has taken to Facebook to narrate how it took him three years to get over his ex-girlfriend after she dumped him for a different guy.

According to him, he used to buy pizza for his girlfriend and her friends every Saturday and pick Taxi for them from Accra mall to Dansoman when he was still in the tertiary school.

He further disclosed that he has never eaten pizza before but was buying it for his ex-girlfriend and her friends every weekend.

Below is his post:


About this heart break thing erh Aunty Abena, e no be easy o. I dated this lady around 2009 till 2011. Around that period I bought pizza every Saturday for her together with her friends and pick taxi for her from Accra mall to Dansoman. This happened every Saturday o. I was in tertiary then.

Abena meanwhile I hadn’t tasted how pizza was like ever in my life. I bought pizza for her and I hadn’t tasted it b4 myself. She did a lot of horrible things. But I was blinded by my love for her. When she finally left me and went in for someone else, it took me more than three years to get over her.

Now I look back and I see how stupid I have been. But I learnt a good lesson the hard way. So when medikal said “love no catch you b4″, I understood paa. Anonymous pls.”

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