A frustrated married woman wants to divorce her husband because his eggplant is too big for her and this is causing her pains in her marriage.

According to her post she sent via a popular Facebook group ‘tell it moms’, her husband’s eggplant is too big and he likes to have sex with her everyday even in her period.

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She wrote,

“Dear Yummy Shaida, Please hide my identity. I know this might sound a bit immature but this has become my problem and I have even reported it to my counselor and parents. I want to divorce my husband because everyday he want to day the thin at least three times. And when he is doing it too, his distin is so gigantic it hurts and burns at the same time. I start crying anytime I have to go home. When I see him I start to tremble. I hide from him and tell him I am sick but he will still get what he wants. Yummies I don’t want to continue like this. I am constantly tired and in pain. I can’t even walk normally any more. My colleagues at work have even noticed how unhappy I am. Please help me. I don’t know what to do. Even in my period he will still do.”

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Below is her post,

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