Depression Almost Killed Me - Funny Face
Funny Face

Self-acclaimed children president, Funny Face has recounted one of the worst experiences he had during his difficult times on social media.

Funny Face recently drew the attention of the mass to himself after engaging his baby Mama Vanessa in an online banter which eventually led most of his colleagues to add their voices.

Well, sharing how he felt and what was running through his mind on UTV during that period, he said sometimes, something within him instructs him to walk from Kumasi to Accra and sell the Kasoa Palace for just ¢2 though he has no ways and means.

According to him, the depressed state affected him bitterly to the extent that he even lost most of his endorsement because they felt he is done and dusted.

However, he explained that he was able to overcome the depression after his instinct spoke to him to let go of everything and start everything fresh.

Depression they say is a hard knot to crack that kills numerous of persons. Funny Face might have been lucky.

Share with us your experience if you were once depressed and how you came out of it. It might help others too.


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