I am Frank, a 29 years old man who works for an NGO. I’ve been a very happy man because I basically don’t have any problem and I’m also finally stable. 

I have been dating this girl, Naa for 1 ½ year. I truly love her that I’m willing to do anything to have her for myself so I decided to meet with the parents.

Initially, I told my mother who didn’t know the woman I was going out with(likewise Naa’s Parent) that this is the girl I wanted to marry and introduced her to my mother. After Naa left my place, my mom said her father won’t agree.

The statement from my mother got me confused but I brushed it off and continued with my girlfriend.

Lo and behold I finally met her mother and when her mother saw me, I was greeted with insults, I couldn’t possibly explain what was going on. I came home and narrated everything to my mother but the only thing she said was “I told you”. I suspected my mom was hiding something from me so I went to my grandmother only to discover the twists that happened in the past.

The girl’s dad was initially supposed to marry my mom but they couldn’t due to whatever reason and the man went ahead to marry my girlfriend’s mom. My mom also went ahead and married. After marrying my girlfriend’s mom for almost about 30 years, they ended the marriage. My mom also ended her marriage with my dad.

Now the most shocking incident of it all is my girlfriend’s dad and my mom is dating. 

This information after I received has thrown me into a state of emotional imbalance, I really love my girlfriend, even after telling her what I found out, she insisted we continue that our parents might one day see sense but it seems the attacks and insults her mother is yelling at her has pushed her to the wall… letting her go is very painful and hurting.



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