A distraught woman has taken to Ghanaian forum massiveupdates.com to share her ordeal.

According to the unidentified woman, she was raped by four armed robbers on her wedding day and now her husband wants to divorce her because of that.

Here is the lady’s full post below:


“Pls hide my identity,
I am young lady of 28yrs and my husband is 30yrs. So i met my husband in the university when I was in my first year and he was in his final year in the same university.

He got a job immediately after he graduated from the university and his family is a little well to do. After I graduated from the university he Propose and i said yes.

I was a virgin when we got married, I wanted everything to be special on my wedding night so we agreed not to indulge in sex before marriage because I was from a Christian home.

After our wedding reception we left to our hotel room, we were very tired and so we took our bath, my husband was the first to bath.

I went into the washroom to take my bath while my husband waited for me patiently. I heard a knock on the door and tot it was a room service, I came out of the bathroom and saw four men with their faces covered in mask.

One of them held my husband on his neck against the wall with a gun While three of them had sex with me in front of my husband.

The guy who held my husband against the wall also had sex with me. After that they took our jewelries, some money and left.

I fainted and when I woke up, I was in the hospital. I really need ur help because my husband wants a divorce. what should I do?”

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  1. Comment:Ooooooh I can imagine how he was feeling at that moment oooh, but I strongly suggest that he stay with her after all both are now married for better or for worse


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