Due to the recent rant made by Rufftown Record signee, Francine Nyanko Koffi on social media which has led to the termination of her contract, the CEO of the label Ricky Nana Agyemang, well knows as Bullet has also cautioned Wendy Shay that she would also the same fate if she also tries to disrespect him.

Fantana earlier took to her Instagram live and made some wild allegations against the label saying that the label is lacking lyrics for musicians like her.

In an interview with Zion Felix on the Uncut Show, Bullet said that he was shocked to hear Fantana make such allegations about the same label that made her famous.

He, therefore, cautioned Wendy Shay that he will also sack her if she also disrespects him and his label.

“I am not biased, I am neither on Fantana’s side or Wendy’s side. If Wendy should disrespect the label, I will sack her,” Bullet said.



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