If you have bad headache , have s£x- Dr. Bortey Advises


Advice has gone for people who suffer severe headache to have hot s£x.

Medical doctor, Dennis Bortey says there is no medicine that works as fast and cures headache than s£x. He said, s£x is medicinal and encourage that couples have it as often as possible to prevent diseases.

Dr. Bortey who said this while contributing to discussion on GhOne television show ‘Duvet’ on Thursday night narrated a story of a patient  who came to him for medical attention but upon examination, directed that he goes home and have s£x.

“If you have bad headache, have s£x….it is very medicinal. I asked one patient have you had s£x, you know what go home have rough s£x , go hit it. I bet anybody to try it if you have bad headache”, he said.

He decried the Ghanaian attitude of seeing s£x as taboo which is hardly discussed or talked about. The doctor said “We need to demystify that”.

He had bad news for people who do not have intercourse often saying they look older than their ages. Using himself as an example, Dr Bortey said, people always doubt he is 44 years because he does not look it thanks to good s£x. He said, one secret of s£x is that it makes people glow.

“I know a lot of people who are 35-36 and they look like they are in their 50s and immediately I mention my age….and you see, the people who don’t have s£x they look older ….s£x is a good thing, it makes you younger all the time.

The more you have, the more glowing you look be it a man or a woman. But you see, we have put mysticism about s£x, it’s a cultural thing, it’s bad…. yes but if you do it in the right context, it is the best of things”, he said.



Source: Gifty Arthur/ghanadat.com


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