I’ll Do Abortion For Your Sake – Teenage Girl Tells Boyfriend On Facebook

I’ll Do Abortion For Your Sake – Teenage Girl Tells Boyfriend On Facebook

A teenage girl has caused an uproar on Facebook over a recent post on her wall.

The teenage girl identified as Favour Mathias took to her Facebook handle to tell her boyfriend that she was ever ready to commit abortion for him.

Favour in her post professed her undying love for her boyfriend, identified as Emmanuel, revealing how they both have been engaging in unprotected sex and he made her consume substances that ‘prevent’ conception.

She, however, feared that she might get pregnant very soon, but he has nothing to worry about as she is willing to get rid of the baby.

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Favour later changed her Facebook name to “Mhiz Fevvy” on the platform after her post went viral.

Her Facebook post reads;

“I asked him. How many times did you come inside. He said just twice. I said what if am pregnant, I told him bby what if moi mum finds out. He told me den we will flush it Edidem Emmanuel dad mii. I’ll do abortion for your sake. Anything for you bby even it its to leave my parents. I will do that to make you happy. I will not leave you for another guy. If not for andrew liver salr you always give me, I’ll be pregnant by now.”
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