MEET Isabella Barrett – the teen entrepreneur who was just six when she banked her first million.

The 15-year-old first found fame as a youngster, as one of the breakout stars of Toddlers and Tiaras. Off the back of the show, she launched her own jewellery line, Glitzy Girl, and was soon making serious money.

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Since then, she has started two clothing lines, By The Crown and House of Barretti, and launched her own skincare range.

Among all of her businesses combined – plus the money she makes from social media, music, and other investments – she can take home anything from $30,000 to $150,000 a month.

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Her parents help manage her money, giving her $2,500 a week as an allowance. Some of her more lavish purchases include a $30,000 jetski and a $20,000 four-wheeler – and she also lives for high-end fashion.

Today, Truly follows Isabella and her mum Susanna as she debuts her new line at New York Fashion Week.

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Determined to make both the runway show and VIP after-party a roaring success, the teenager has cut a mammoth cheque for $85,000 – all her own money – to pay for it.

Watch the video below:


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