I’m too pretty to use love charm to keep a man – Nikki Samonas

Nikki Samonas

For many young Ghanaian women love charm is the best option to keep a man. But actress Nikki Samonas, think otherwise.

The thespian has said she is beautiful enough and that is all she needs to stop a man from leaving her.

Joining a host of other celebrities on Joy Prime’s Gee Spot which aired on Saturday October, 5, 2019, monitored by BrownGh.Com, she said she has no intention of ever trying love potions.

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Nikki, who doubles as a TV broadcaster indicated that she has heard about love charms but she has never tried it and have no idea how it works.

She added that even some of her family members have tried it and its worked for them but on no condition will she try it.

When host, MzGee asked, why she has never tried it, the screen goddess said ”What will I try it for? What God has done with me? I’m a yellow sisi, Obroni Melissa, Obroni local, Obroni foreign with a very nice skin. And I’m smart so what will I add love potion for?” she said in Twi.

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Ms. Samonas added ” So bottom line is that, I’ve heard but I haven’t tried and I don’t think I’ll ever do so. I think I’ve been blessed enough by God and my parents so I don’t see the need to.”

She, however, added that a man will jilt a woman regardless of whatever a woman does if he wants to.


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