Internet Solutions’ SAT To Provide High Internet Speed Via Satellite Broadband To Urban And Rural Areas In Ghana


Internet Solutions in partnership with Konnect Africa launched the IS SAT which promises to provide broadband services through satellite technology.

The IS SAT was launched on Thursday 29th November,2018 at Kempinski Hotel in Accra.

According to Mr. Phillipe Baudrier who is the Global Broadband commercial Director of Konnect Africa, the IS SAT is a great partnership between internet solutions and Konnect Africa and it promises to provide high speed of up to 100mbps download speed nationwide.

The IS satellite according to him will provide reliable and affordable connectivity for everyone.

He added that they have not only targeted people in the urban areas but people in the rural areas as well because their primary goal is target the entire population of Ghana

“ ISAT is a great partnership between internet solutions and connect Africa .Actually we are bringing high internet speed in Ghana…this is the first time through a satellite we will provide,reliable, affordable satellite service connectivity for everyone and this is what is important . We are not only targeting With internet solutions,only SME markets or be to be market but we are definitely targeting the entire population .what is important is we are not only talking about urban people who can be connected,we are talking about some rural connectivity as well. So everyone deserves to be connected and to be open to the world .” he said.

Dr. Phillipe Baudrier also disclosed that the satellite broadband internet provider has been launched in some African countries like DR Congo,Nigeria and South Africa  and that the aim of Konnect Africa is to provide instant internet solution to multiple countries and connect Africa.

“DR Congo , Nigeria ,South Africa . the aim of connect Africa with Internet solution is to be in multiple countries and connect Africa .We are launching a new satellite next year to cover the entire 45 countries of the entire sub-Saharan African countries . So we are very excited about that .” he added.

When quizzed what is unique about IS SAT,Mr. Phillipe said

“ we are talking about satellite. What is unique is we are compliments of internet solutions already technology.internet solutions is a foreign fiber connectivity .you can have in Ghana a lot of 2G,3G connectivity or ADSL cable ,broadband connective .. Satellite is renewed to bring this kind of connectivity ;100 mb/s download so it’s very high speed internet and it’s something new in Ghana and we are very proud of it”

The partnership between Internet Solutions and Konnect Africa will enable the delivery of high-quality,affordable broadband services to private users,businesses and public services and contribute to reducing the digital gap.

The combination of Konnect Africa’s state-of-the-art satellite infrastructure and of IS Internet Solution’s expertise in service delivery and customer support will offer outstanding broadband connectivity to urban,rural and the most remote locations in Ghana.

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