Nigerian music icon Davido’s Personal Assistant, Aloma DMW has stated without mincing words that it is better to be Davido’s house boy than to be a bank manager.

His statement is at the back of the consistent tag by Nigerians that he is Davido’s house boy and not his personal assistant as it is presumed to be.

Speaking in a recent interview via Instagram live divulged that he cannot fathom why people will tag him as Davido’s house while he is making money.

“People call me Davido’s house boy. But it’s better being a house boy for Davido than being a bank manager. I’m telling you the fact. We are cashing out. I get 3.7 million on my wrist “ Aloma disclosed.

Aloma’s statement is a response to his critics who belittles his position in DMW crew but according to him he his making ‘big’ money by being part of Davido’s team.

It could be recalled in January this year that Aloma became a proud owner of a Mercedes Benz.

The DMW crew member shared a photo of his new ride which is a black coloured Benz.

Aloma also wrote in his caption that ‘Too much talk no dey full basket’, meaning that he is more of a man of action than words.



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