Forthright Ghanaian actress, Lydia Forson finds it disturbing and annoying that Ghanaians are still hailing Dr Kwame Fordjour also known as Dr UN even after scamming Ghanaian celebrities with supposed awards believed to have come from UN.

Well, Lydia Forson who thinks Dr UN should be well penalized has told Ghanaians to stop mobbing him because there is nothing funny about what he did a few weeks ago.

Her comment follows after Dr UN was given a heroic welcome in Circle,a commercial location in Accra after going viral on the Ghanaian internet.

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Taking to her online portals, she wrote;
“So it’s not funny anymore.
Why is this DR-UN being given platforms and hailed as some kind of hero, even if it’s just for laughs?
Do we understand the dangerous precedence we’re setting by enabling this type of behavior?
Soon you’ll come and write epistles about poorly behaved children on here when there doesn’t seem to be any repercussions for poorly behaved adults.
Was it funny in the moment, yes and even I’m guilty of indulging, but you will do ah he will get his own tv show?”

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