The leader of KAMOG, a commercial pilot and the CEO of the Kantanka group of companies, Kwadwo Sarfo Jnr. has revealed the government’s intervention to make all Kantanka vehicles more affordable in Ghana.

In an interview with former YFM radio personality, Kofi Okyere Darko, popularly known as KOD, Kwadwo Sarfo revealed that the outbreak of the novel coronavirus has delayed the announcement that the government has finally approved their tax exemption and due to that, all the vehicles they to manufacture will be free of tax and very affordable for Ghanaians to purchase.

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“Coronavirus has messed up this huge announcement we wanted to tell Ghanaians. The government has approved finally our task exemptions, no duties, and all the cars to manufacture from the next manufacturing days are all gonna be task-free,” he said.

In making his point clear, Kwadwo Sarfo said that the duty components on every car they manufacture will be taken out.

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“For example, a car that was being sold at 170,000 would come to 150,000 and a car sold for 150,000 would also be sold at 130,000 and there is going to be a lot of reduction in the sales of Kantanka vehicles,” Kwadwo Sarfo added.

Kwadwo Sarfo also added that the manufacturing of smaller vehicles which is mostly used as taxis and Uber in Ghana is more difficult than manufacturing a larger vehicle because smaller cars have no frame under it.

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Watch the video below:

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