Kofi Adoma speaks after being accused for the death of Anokye Supremo


Renowned Ghanaian radio and television personality, Stephen Kofi Adoma better known as Kofi Adoma, has reacted to backlash from some Ghanaians after the sudden demise of Anokye Supremo.

According to the Kofi TV presenter, the Daddy Lumba look-alike has been a good friend for sometime before he suddenly got ill and wanted to offer a helping hand.

“It’s been a really sad development for the fact that I knew Anokye before he got ill. I was in the United States when I heard that he was seriously ill and needed help. I had to cut my stay in the USA short to rush down because it looked like though the other stations were interviewing him, the help was not coming as expected. There were equally other good interviews I could have done if it is about trends.”

He also expressed worry concerning harsh criticisms on him after Anokye Supremo passed away.

“I have spoken to some of the doctors in India and still, Anokye’s body hasn’t been brought to Ghana but at some point, I am some kind of denial. It’s hard but we are managing, through the pain and you still get bashing. This is my cross to carry and if after all my good deeds I am still criticised, I know I offered help to someone”, he said

“My purpose was to help, I am content with the little I have. I don’t take any percentage, at times I don’t want to even get close to the money. Mine is just to let people know”, Kofi Adoma added.

Anokye Supremo formerly known as Daddy Lumba Junior died on January 30, 2019 after he had undergone a successful surgery to remove a tumor in his head in India.

He went into coma for some days but unfortunately couldn’t make it back to life.

The mortal remains of the late artiste is yet to be brought to Ghana as the family has said they have no money and begging for help.

Anokye Supremo left behind a wife and a 9-year old daughter.

Anokye Supremo & Kofi Adoma

After his demise, many including one radio presenter Man Godee accused Kofi Adoma of being the cause of his death because he displayed disturbing videos of the deceased while lying on his sick bed on his Kofi TV.

According to him, the moment Anokye Supremo’s condition was broadcasted via social media by Kofi Adoma, witches and wizards in Africa who were working for his downfall, got the chance to finish him off.

Source : Browngh.com


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