Kofi Asamoah was right about whites being sensible than blacks – Moesha Buodoung

Moesha Buodoung (image source: Instagram)

Moesha Bodoung has jumped to the defence of Kofi Asamoah over his racist comment which has sparked controversy.

The CEO of Kofas Media in a video spotted on Instagram said whites were wiser and sensible than blacks reason their countries are developed and Africans continue to linger in poverty.

He added he wish only black people die and whites live forever so they would occupy the spaces left by the blacks and develop it too.

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This pronouncement infuriated the anger of many people who have taken him to the cleaners.

Netizens berated him as though they have marked him on their bad books and were patiently waiting for him to commit a blunder to get back at him.

Sharing her two cents on the issue under the comment section of a post made by zionfelix on Instagram, Moesha wholly agreed to Kofi’s statement and wondered why some people are upset with the award-winning movie producer for saying the bitter truth.

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Moesha who from all indications was very vexed tagged critics of Kofi Asamoah as hypocrites who hide and make the same utterances.

Now, a box of discussion has been opened, are whites wiser and sensible than blacks?


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