'Broke' Kwabena Kwabena Threatens To Sue Kontihene Over Cocaine Allegation (Video)

Highlife crooner Kwabena Kwabena has threatened to sue veteran rapper and singer Kontihene for accusing him of peddling cocaine.

According to the ‘aso’ hitmaker, after he parted ways with his colleague artiste, Kontihene, the latter has been making damning revelations about him which are untrue.

Speaking in an interview on Accra FM, the peeved singer disclosed that he decided to stay mute over the allegations levelled against him by the ‘Esi’ hitmaker but he decided to react because he has not put a stop to it which is tarnishing his reputation.

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Kwabena Kwabena wondered why Kontihene keeps mentioning his name in his conversations whiles he has never mentioned his name or defamed him in any platform.

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He, therefore, threatened to take legal action against Kontihene for making defamatory remarks about him.

“He is making dangerous allegations that he has made a bad investment for spending his money on me… and am nowhere to be found as I am sitting somewhere doing drugs. He accused me of peddling cocaine which is illegal in Ghana. It’s a very serious allegation he is making” Kwabena Kwabena disclosed.

Kwabena Kwabena during the interview with Nana Romeo of Accra FM also recounted how Kontihene cursed him that he can never release a song which will be bigger than ‘Aso’.

“He cursed me in 2006… he told one of his friends,Nana Adu Sei that if I was able to release a song that would be bigger than Asor,then God was not alive.. in 2016 he wanted us to do a song together but I didn’t do it” Kontihene revealed.

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Watch the video below: