There is nothing hard that women face like making the men they are in love with commit fully to them. The task is not easy having in mind that it can be frustrating every time a man keeps on giving excuses on why he is failing to commit to you.

However, men always have their reasons as to why they might not be that committed to you. But here are some ways in which a woman can make her man commit to her.

1. Make things fun and light

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One thing about a good number of men is that none of them love to commit to a relationship where the woman is dull and glum. For that case, a lady needs to make the relationship fun. Always make every time that you go out together something that can be remembered.

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2. Be a friend to his friends

As much as a woman should be the number one person in a man’s life,being a friend to your man’s friend is a good way of making him commit. This is mainly because, most men seek the advice of approval from their friends and if you are not in good terms with his friends, there is a high chance they might not be in support of you.

3. Take time away from him to make him commit

If your man is taking too long to commit, giving them their space can be a way of making them want to commit. This can be hard as when one is in love the only thing that they wish for is spending more time with their partner’s but it is something that you should do.

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