Lady mocks broke guys after flaunting bundles of cash her boyfriend gave her for ice cream


A Nigerian lady is trending on social media after she disclosed the whooping amount of money her boyfriend gave her for an ice cream.

The lady, Nonny Blessing claims her boyfriend gave her an amount of N100,000 to buy herself an ice cream.

She shared on Facebook picture of the bundles of cash she received and also seized the opportunity to mock broke guys.

“When you have a good boyfriend not all this poor poor boys that can’t give there girlfriend 100k to use and buy ice cream thanks to my boyfriend kiss kiss..” Nonny Blessing wrote on Facebook

Nonny Blessing flaunting the bundles of cash

This is not the first time she’d be trending on Facebook.

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She once took to the platform to share pictures of herself with a condom, begging guys to come service her.

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