Lady Narrates What She Goes Through Every Night When She Wears Obofour's Necklace

There have been claims that the founder and leader of Anointed Palace Chapel(APC), Francis Antwi popularly known as Rev Obofour is a fake clergyman.

There have been several allegations levelled against Rev Obofour which has questioned his ‘Genuity’.

Well, a yet-to-be-identified lady has narrated what she went through after wearing Rev. Obofour’s necklace.

According to a report by Opera News, whenever the said lady wears Rev Obofour’s necklace she gets scary dreams which she finds very difficult to fathom.

She added that this happens to her every night since she bought the necklace from Rev Obofour.

She further said that whenever she dreams she sees herself tied to a big pillar in a very big room where several others are tied just like her and she sees thick tall men who come to take some hairs from their heads.

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The lady disclosed that she did not know the cause of the weird dreams she has been getting every night until when she decided to remove the necklace on her neck.

She revealed that she removed it and never had those weird dreams again till she wore the necklace again.

The lady finally concluded that Rev Obofour’s necklace was the cause of her weird dreams and threw the necklace away.