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I am this kind of lady that hates pretense. They said what you won’t tolerate in marriage,don’t tolerate in courtship.

I have known my boyfriend for a year, but this is my first time of coming in contact with his family.

Because of my long holiday at work, I visited him and met his mum and siblings. They were so happy to see me and they welcomed me so well.

Yesterday, I cooked and served everybody.. I later noticed that his mum went to my pot and took more food. I calmly told her that I don’t like people going to my kitchen and pot.

I fold her that if she needs more food, she should notify me and I will serve her more… If you see the way the woman looked at me. So disgusting.

Later on, my boyfriend told me that my action was wrong and that I should go apologize to his mum.

For the records, I didn’t tell my boyfriend, so invariably, the mum reported me.

I gently told my boyfriend that I won’t tolerate that, even after our marriage. I told him it is better they get use to the real me so they won’t say I changed after marriage.

Since yesterday, the mum and siblings have refused to talk to me even when I greet them.



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