Learn The Fastest Way Of Sharing Files Between PCs And Smartphones Without USB Or Bluetooth

Sharing files between PCs and phones happens almost everyday especially

when you’re tech-savvy. Sometimes it gets frustrating when you can’t find

your USB cable or the PC does not have Bluetooth.

I came across this method and I was blown away [whaaaaaaat!] I don’t think I’ll ever go back to using Bluetooth or USB cables. If you’re the kind that downloads movies or TV shows on your PC and then transfers them to your phones to be able to watch them on-the-go, this method is yours. You will be amazed by the speed at which these files are sent.

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– Xender App

– Smartphone

– PC


The Xender site gives you two alternatives but below is the easiest. This procedure works for both iOS and Windows.

1. On Xender choose Connect PC mode and turn on the Personal Hotspot.

2. Let your laptop join the Personal Hotspot created by your mobile device.

3. Open the link on the Xender (

4. Accept the permission on your mobile device, and you should be connected.

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All the files on your phone should appear on your PC in categories like the image above. Don’t worry, if this is your first time of connecting your phone to your PC via xender, you will be asked to take a tour to know your left from right.


1. Large files are sent in a split second (ie if there is enough space on the recieving device.)

2. Does not require data connection.

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3. Works on both iOS and Windows.


Source: omgvoice.com