God Is Fake Jesus Is Fake Maame Watar Rules The World Evangelist Addai

The controversial Evangelist, Emmanuel Kwame Addai who has fiercely criticised the Christian religion on several occasions has for the umpteenth time, triggered a hot argument between believers and unbelievers on the local digital space.

In a live session video, the notorious evangelist contended that there is no God because both Jesus and God are fake.

According to Addai, he believes the world was created by Maame water and powers belongs to him.

During the live video, Evangelist Addai stated that the moment of truth continues, stemming that God and Jesus are fake because Maame Water rules the world.

“…I have studied something for the past seventeen days I’m done moment of truth continues Apologises are fake, Jesus is fake, God is fake, Maame Water rules the world”

Watch the video below:


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