Close friend of popular Ghanaian actor, Majid Michel has debunked reports that Majid underwent surgery on his voice.

Majid Michel and Pascal Amanfo

A new video surfaced online yesterday and it was seen in the video that the bad boy now turned repented ‘man of God’ was preaching the word of God and it appears his voice is smoother than ever; indicating that perhaps, the reported surgery have brought an improvement.

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We have sighted comments on the actor’s Instagram page, a comment made by his close friend and multiple award-winning Movie directors, Pascal Amanfo stated that Majid never underwent surgery, the picture which went round that saw him at the hospital was rather taken on an airplane.

According to PASCAL, a purported photo of Majid lying in a hospital for the surgery was a photo taken of him in a plane and not a hospital. He added that there was no such diagnosis and no surgery.

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“iampascalamanfo: @ghkwaku Kwaku can you also tell them that there was no surgery…no such diagnosis and that, that picture was taken from an AirFrance flight and not in a hospital?” he wrote.

It was reported last month that Majid Michel flew out of Ghana to undergo surgery on his voice since he always struggles to talk due to a medical condition.

But now, his own friend has spoken the truth about this whole hullaballoo revealing that the actor never had throat cancer so there was no surgery as earlier reports suggested.


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