Man arrested for caging his wife for over 3 years for allegedly being a witch

The man who caged his wife for over three years on allegations that she is a witch in Orerokpe, Delta state, has been arrested.

According to the state police command, 41-year-old Ame Edjeket, claimed is wife is a witch and was behind his financial woes at their home in Orerokpe, Delta state.

Human rights activist, Harrison Gwamnishu, who brought the case to light, said the man got his wife pregnant three times while he caged her. He said the victim was locked up in the cage where she defecated and also urinated.

Harrison said the husband and his family members, after many years of marriage, accused the lady of being a witch and threw her into a cage .

According to Harrison, the husband despite accusing his wife of being a witch, still had sex with her in the cage and left her there to die.

Gladys while in the cage, had her three children but was rescued after tBehind Bars Initiative, was informed about the situation got on Monday, November 16.

However, Harrison and his team arrived in Orerokpe Tuesday morning November 17 and have moved the lady to the General Hospital in Orerokpe for treatment.

When arrested, Ame insisted his wife was a witch and mentally challenged and that he had taken her back to her family members but they rejected her.

The victim is currently receiving medical attention at the Orerokpe General hospital in Delta state.


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