Man thre@t£ns to commit su!cide as he climbs tall Obetsebi Lamptey statue over broken-heart

Man Climbs Statue

Although we know that love is wonderful, Love is also strange and one can argue that love can be evil sometimes.

It will surprise you what some people will do for love and most at times you will not know the love some people have for their spouse until there is a break-up.

A man has reacted in the most weird way as photos of him sitting on a very tall statue hits the internet.

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Per photos posted on the official Facebook page of Joy FM, the man whose identity is yet to be identified climbed the tall statute at Obetsebi Lamptey Circle and he is threatening to commit suicide because his wife has left him.

In the photos, one can see the guy sitting atop the statue with a book in his hands.

The incident took place this very morning and as scary as it looks, one will ask how he managed to get himself up there looking at the nature of the smooth-surfaced sides of the structure.

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It’s obvious his wife leaving him has caused some damage to his reasoning.

As of now cannot confirm whether he has descended safely from the statue or still there holding on to his suicidal threats.

See photos below:



Photocredits courtesy JoyFM
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