Abomination! Man cries for help after finding out his brother is sleeping with his own 17 year old daughter


A worried man is seriously seeking advice urgently after he was told that his brother is sleeping with his own daughter.

According to him, his brother’s wife told him that her husband has been sleeping with their 17-year-old daughter and she doesn’t know how to confront him concerning such an abominable act.

Read the post below,

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“My brother’s wife called me yesterday to report my brother, she said their daughter called her two days ago about what her dad has been doing to her.

She told her that, her dad has slept with her twice, so the mother called me to report the case that she’s confused and doesn’t know how to confront her husband.

The daughter said the first day he slept with her was when her mother went on night vigil in the church. The second time he left his room at the middle of the night pretend to go and urinate and went to daughter’s room to sleep with her for the second time. He has threatening her not to tell anyone.

Honestly for the past 2 days I couldn’t sleep, was just thinking on how to approach the situation and how to rescue the inocent girl from abusive father.

The girl is around 17 years old.

Please your urgent advice needed.”

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