Man narrates his experience with lady he had ‘two nights stand’ with and turned out she is not human but …..

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A 30-year-old man who was sent to a different town on an assignment by his company has narrated the strange experience he had with a lady he had  ‘two nights’  stand and later discovered that she wasn’t a human being.

See the post below:

“This may sound strange but it’s true and pls forgive me for the errors.

So I will try to make this short as possible, so I was sent to another town by my company for some work and that is how my nightmare started.

I met a very beautiful black lady Suzzy was her name in the hotel were I was I was logging at the bar and talked for a while before taking her number. NB i am a 30 year old young looking nice guy and i can’t stand it whenever I see black girls cuz that’s my spec.

I called the her the following day after I was done with my assignment so we can meet up but she said she does not go out day time only at night which sounded weird but never bothered to asked her why.

So the long and short of it is that we met in evening around 8 pm and had some few drinks which led to having sex with her.

I have never had such a good sex before in my entire life. She was so sweet and good in bed.

It happened again the next day and I told her I wish I will stay longer but I have to go back to work and summits the assignment I was here to do and she said she knows and that I will be leaving tomorrow which really shocked me because I never told her when I was leaving and what I do.

She assured me that I will see her before I leave but I waited and waited and her phone never went through so I decided to leave a note at reception to be given to her in case she comes around.

I left the hotel around 5 pm so in the middle of my journey far from the town around some bushy area, I heard a voice saying so I going to leave without saying goodbye bye.

I freaked out and there she is beside me in the car out of fear i shouted blood of Jesus but she told me to keep quiet and concentrate on the driving.

She said, she will forever cherish what we had because these two days with me was the best days of life after death and she disappeared.

How I got home, how I overcame this, how am still here I can’t say only God knows. I one day tried calling her number but it never went through so that night she came to me and told me to stop calling her because she doesn’t exist nor the number.”

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