Dating apps have completely changed the landscape of relationships in the past few years.

Although many people still prefer going on dates after first meeting the ‘old school’ way – through friends and family – applications and websites have redefined the style of dating in a big and permanent way.

Nowadays, a boy and a girl can connect to each other in a matter of seconds with just a few taps on the phone. And if it’s a ‘match’, the two can go on dates and even live happily ever after if they choose to.

After covid, dating apps saw another big change that has now become more and more acceptable. Earlier this year, a new and rather important criterion was added into the mix of things that needed to be mentioned on a user’s profile. Many users started to include words like ‘vaccination’, ‘shots’, etc in their app bios in order to be matched with the person. As a result, the apps started adding ‘Vaccine Status’ as a criterion so as to make things easy for users.

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But there are other reasons why dating apps. websites and dating app stories go viral on social media. There is the dark and dangerous side –theft, abductions, and violence –  and then there is the bizarre side. This story is about the latter.

A man has decided to sue a Denver-based dating website over an alleged lack of women in the database. The operator is being sued by one of its customers who has alleged the website has very few women, reported Denver Post.

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In the lawsuit, 29-year-old Ian Cross has alleged that HMZ Group, which runs The Denver Dating Co., has exaggerated the true nature of its database.

Cross is seeking damages from the company because he is convinced their platform has very few registered women. He also said the company is guilty of fraudulent inducement and deceptive trade practices, said reports.

The Denver Dating Co. doesn’t operate like a regular dating app or website. IT’s a members-only service that requires new users to go through an extensive screening process before their application and profile are verified and made active.

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The lawsuit from Cross came after he reportedly paid $9,409 for site membership after being told by an executive the site had  ‘huge number of single women in the 25 to 35 age range.’ He went on to claim that the site had only five women in the 18 to 35 age range.

In August, a woman was suing a dating agency after she was matched with a man who was less than six feet tall.

Eileen Moore, who is a doctor by profession, demanded a refund of $4,995 for her joining and a letter of apology from the high-end dating agency Elite Introductions.

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