Man swallows mobile, undergoes surgery after 6 months

When a man visited a hospital with abdominal pains the doctors had not even imagined that it was due to a mobile phone inside the stomach of the patient.

The bizarre incident happened in Egypt. The mobile phone was discovered after the man underwent an X-ray for his abdominal pains.

After the X-ray report revealed the cause of his pain, it came to light that the man had swallowed the device six months ago. However, he was embarrassed to get himself admitted to the hospital for treatment. The man was hoping that the device would naturally get out of his body but it got wedged in his stomach.

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Due to the mobile phone inside the body, the man was suffering from severe abdominal pain and finally after six months went to a doctor at the Aswan University Hospital. His X-rays and medical examinations found the man was having severe infections in his abdomen and intestines.

The doctors at the hospital then conducted an immediate operation on the man for potentially life-threatening injuries including intestinal and abdominal infections. According to the doctors at the hospital, the phone inside the patient’s stomach for six months caused food to be withheld leading to severe infection.

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However, if you think this is the only incident of its kind then you are mistaken. In a similar incident this year, a person in the European nation Kosovo was taken to the hospital after he swallowed a whole Nokia 3310 phone. Major surgery was conducted by the doctors to save his life.

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According to a 2014 case study, there have been many cases of people swallowing mobile phones. In 2016, a 29-year-old man swallowed his phone and it remained stuck in his stomach despite several hours of vomiting. Surgery was done to take out the device.

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