You don't have to live in hell on earth, create heaven on earth-Reno Omokri

Marriage is a long term commitment between a man and a woman and therefore one has to be meticulous when choosing a partner to marry.

Some people make hasty decisions in choosing their life partners and end up marrying the wrong people.

But Nigerian Author,lawyer and social media influencer,Reno Omokri has advised that one needs to always marry someone who loves you over someone you love.

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He explained that you can learn to love someone who loves you.

Reno Omokri further divulged that it is overly difficult to convince someone to love you even if you love them.

” If you have a choice, always marry someone who loves you, over someone you love. Because you can learn to love someone who loves you. But it is very hard to convince someone to love you, even if you love them. Dont end up with a one sided marriage ” Reno Omokri tweeted.

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Reno Omokri is noted for dropping nuggets on a daily basis.

In a nugget he shared today on his Twitter handle,he advised his followers to change the way they see problems as he said that what one sees as a problem might really be an opportunity.

Reno Omokri made this statement to advice the youth to always find an opportunity in problems.

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“Whilst you complain of the sun’s heat,another man is generating solar power with it and making millions.Life is about perspective.Change the way you see problems.You may be surprised that what you thought was a problem is really an opportunity” Reno Omokri tweeted.


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