M@dness As Slay Queen Vows To Give 'Four Rounds' S3x To A Guy Just To Take Photo His With His iPhone 12
Slay Queen

An unidentified Slay Queen has vowed to offer her body to a guy in order to get access to take photos with the his iPhone 12.

Am much convinced that ladies of today will go any mile to secure anything that looks attractive in their eyes especially when it has to do with iPhone.

A leaked WhatsApp chat going viral on social media shows a Slay Queen begging a guy to make sexual advances to her and give her the chance to take photos with his newly purchased iPhone 12.

The shameless Slay Queen took the contact of the unknown guy using the iPhone 12 from her male friend after she saw him on her friend’s WhatsApp status.

She wanted to be on a level pegging with her other female friends who are likely using iPhones, hence shooting her shot on this one.

Wanting to satisfy her need to use the iPhone 12 to take photos, the unidentified Slay Queen quickly after taking the iPhone guy’s contact, sent him a direction message.

In the chat, the lady gave two offers to the guy using the latest iPhone series which launched on 13th October 2020. She told the guy to either have 2 rounds of sex with her or charge money.

The guy who wanted more from the lady bargained with her, asking her to offer him 4 rounds of sex instead of the 2 because the phone is expensive.

The Slay Queen, however, pleaded for 3 rounds with a special package, which is to give him [the guy] a ‘BlowJob’ in addition to the 3 rounds.

Read the chat below;

Leaked Chat


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