VIDEO: Meet Popular Chicago Criminal Lawyer, Gal Pissetzky, Who Has Vowed To Defend And Free Hushpuppi


Meet Gal Pissetky, lawyer of Pissetzky & Berliner, LLC the legal representative of an alleged Internet fraudster, Ramon Abbas, aka Hushpuppi, who has said he has a good chance of beating the fraud allegations against him.

Gal Pissetzky told Forbes that Hushpuppi is not guilty of the charges against him and he runs a legit business.

“Absolutely not guilty of the charges they are accusing him of. (Abbas) was running a legitimate business and a very legitimate Instagram account and did not take part in any scam or fraud,” he said.

He is quoted to have also said;

“There is always a chance, absolutely. That’s why they hired me and that’s why I am going to put up vigorous defense and defend him. I will give him good representation. He has a chance. In the United States of America, you have a jury system.”

Recall that Hushpuppi was arrested by the Dubai authorities in a sting operation. He was alleged to have defrauded 1,926,400 people from different parts of the world and stolen about 1.6bn Dirham (N168bn) along with members of his gang.

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